Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Links

The Mental Health Working Group has compiled a list of free resources for mental health and substance abuse support, both for yourself and others in your life.
This includes phone lines and webpages that connect you to professional support, training to help sufferers of poor mental health, and grants for those out of work.


Plasa have collected some resources, some have been reproduced on this page. We would like to highlight their work on this important issue:

Phone Lines

On-the-spot MH crisis support.
Recommended to be added to contacts or saved to a note.

Music Minds Matter 

0808 802 8008

Backup Tech

0300 302 0068


0300 123 3393


0300 116 123

0300 123 3011 (Wales)


Setting yourself up with support for an ongoing or impending MH crisis

Backup Tech


Tonic Rider

Counselling Psychodynamic therapy (therapist in-training with extensive experience of the music industry)


Getting financial assistance when unable to work

Backup Tech  

Hardship fund 

Medical Grants

Informal Support

Listen to and be heard by others in the industry. Holistic support assisted by accredited therapists and councillors.


Self-care sessions (Online, counsellor-led advice on techniques and coping strategies)

Peer Support group (Online, assisted by therapist)

Tonic Rider

Peer Support Group (Same as HelpMusicians PSG, different dates)

Drop-in support group (online, weekly, every 6th week deals with a specific topic/toolkit)

Help Others

Courses, workshops and Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) providers

Courses & Workshops

Music Support


We Need Crew

Music Minds Matter

Tonic Rider

Zines (on music-industry-professional-related topics)