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We asked the community of Technicians working in London Live Events for their views on how many hours a ‘Day Rate’ should cover before overtime is considered.

Over 300 people responded with a convincing consensus that 10 hours should be the new normal. This falls in line with many workplaces in the creative sector already, as well as movements in the Film and TV industry away from excessive hours.

Here’s a quick break down of some of the raw results:

How many hours should a day rate be good for before charging overtime?

Corporate work:

  • 22% say 12hr,
  • 63% say 10hr,
  • 9% say 8hr


Large venues:

  • 32% say 12hr
  • 57% say 10hr


Mid-size venues:

  • 22% say 12hr
  • 42% say 10hr
  • 11% say 9hr
  • 11% say 8hr


Small venues:

  • 7.5% say 12hr
  • 55% say 10hr
  • 17.5% say 8hr

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed!